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logo_gigtel's solution has effectively resolved the challenges faced by GigTel in tracking agent activity and managing commissions as well as billing and tax complications. This improvement streamlines operations, enhances productivity, and positions GigTel for future expansion in their agent channel.

Thomas Forajter | VP of Operations
logo_jcm has really been a huge part in our success...because we have to bill our customers for a ton of different services that we provide to them. Because of being so flexible, we have been able to grow a huge amount with

Christian Hernandez | Founder and CEO

We needed a reliable and capable billing partner that simplified our backend brought all of our reporting and different billing processes all into one program.

Alexander Rodgers | Operations Manager

Since our move to, it is scary how much more revenue we are accounting for compared to our previous system. We have been able to minimize the manual processes necessary to get invoices out, which has lowered our labor costs.

Tom Welsh | President