How Altaworx Used to Eliminate Back Office Distractions and Deliver Difference-Making Voice Solutions

Published 28 Oct 2022


Altaworx, based in Fairhope, AL, formally launched as a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provider in 2003. Fast forward to nearly two decades in business, and Altaworx now specializes in cutting-edge cloud-based voice and SIP solutions.

How Altaworx Stands Out

Altaworx offers a unique all-in-one Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, recognized around the industry as Catapult. Catapult acts as a complete package for resellers to start and run their businesses successfully.

Catapult brings together the innovative billing and back office capabilities of, the trusted tax compliance services of CLA, and the proven communication services of Altaworx into one comprehensive solution. Forrest Derr, President at Altaworx, describes the difference-making software as a “business in a box”. Catapult hosts varied advanced communications offerings in one streamlined system.

Altaworx also features another stand-out offering in its Advanced Mobility Operations Platform (AMOP), an innovative data solution for general Mobility and IoT billing management. With AMOP, businesses enjoy access to enhanced dashboard visibility, revenue assurance tools, billing automation capabilities, and carrier optimization solutions, among other crucial benefits.

Key to Success

Beyond the quality and ease of reseller use for Catapult and AMOP, Derr recognizes Altaworx’s company culture as one key to the business’s continued success. Derr said Altaworx’s unique and special culture even helps the business identify proper fits for ongoing partnerships and future initiatives. “Where we (have) the most success is finding customers and vendors that align with Altaworx’s culture,” said Derr.

This unified culture, combined with the enterprise class solution package of Catapult plus AMOP, continue to pay dividends for Altaworx. Over the past four years, Altaworx has been featured as one of America’s fastest growing companies on the highly respected and ultra competitive Inc. 5000. In addition, Altaworx enjoyed a 133% growth rate from 2018 through 2020. That notable figure comes as the company approaches its second decade in business.

Derr said Altaworx is excited about these percentages and looks forward to expanding on the business’s current growth trends with its reliable, innovative products.

With these modern offerings, Altaworx enables its active reseller base to build recurring revenue streams and create sustainable equity value.


In 2013, anticipating a significant ramp in growth, Altaworx executives decided to consider alternative billing and back office solutions., then H2O, came up as a potential fit during Altaworx’s fact-gathering process.

So what made stand out among competing solutions? Derr said Altaworx appreciated the proactive changes made to continue enhancing its business. After further assessment,’s capacity to evolve in support of its clients cemented the software vendor as a top option for Derr and the leadership team at Altaworx.

The Results

Before becoming a client, Altaworx’s billing and back office management process required a full-time role with dedicated responsibilities. But after activation and the business’s strategic partnership with, that significant resource commitment changed.

With access to’s sophisticated API integrations and automation capabilities, Altaworx successfully reduced its hire rate for the business’s billing and back office team. Altaworx was even able to repurpose management of these responsibilities, moving that employee over to a higher value position at the company. For a growth company at their stage during this time, repurposing that headcount was critical.

Before, this flexibility wasn’t possible. Derr said Altaworx’s back office managers would have to manually oversee mobility and IoT billing, a process that often involved manually downloading spreadsheets and calculating formulas by hand. But with’s configurable automation and API support, Altaworx is now able to pull data directly from the carrier, formulate to the proper file structure for import, and push automatically into the business’s instance of’s platform.

Today, Altaworx is not just a growth company, but also an extremely profitable and efficient one. As of the first half of 2021, Altaworx boasts revenue per employee of nearly half-a-million dollars annually. While many factors have allowed them to reach this coveted figure, remains instrumental in the company’s success.


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