JCM Telecom: Doubles the Annual Revenue with the Help of Rev.io

Published 10 May 2023

Client Overview:

JCM Telecom is a telecommunications and managed service provider of premium connectivity services to small and medium-sized businesses. Based in Doral, Florida, the company focuses on the fast-growing Miami/Fort Lauderdale marketplace, supporting the many new and emerging businesses centered in Southeastern Florida.

JCM’s offerings are centered around four areas:

1. Internet: JCM provides fiber optic and broadband services, primarily through AT&T. JCM is a Gold Solution Provider in AT&T Partner Exchange, a notable feat for a company of its size.

2. VoIP: Offering lower rates than traditional phone companies, JCM supports business customer transitions into full unified communications with flexible plans depending on company size and user count.

3. Security Cameras: JCM can handle camera installation, access monitoring, and cabling while also ensuring that customers’ camera technology is fully up-to-date.

4. Managed Services :  JCM offers a full suite of security and services, including antivirus protection, firewalls, continuous backup, and monitoring across a wide range of SaaS applications.

JCM Telecom was founded by Christian Hernandez in May 2019. In reflecting on three years in business, Hernandez said:

“Our company started back in 2019 and has had tremendous progress since our founding. We were originally a VoIP service company, but we’ve expanded to offer services like managed IT, ISP, security cameras, you name it.”

The Challenge:

As a startup technology business, JCM had many things to think about upon their founding in 2019. Early on in its lifecycle, the company relied on a white label provider of UCaaS and managed services for both products and both back-office features. While the company saw a lot of early success within that model, their growth success created some early inefficiencies. 

Specifically, JCM ran into challenges with billing integration to QuickBooks Online, ease of commissions payouts to agents, and lack of a scalable ticketing system. Ultimately, Hernandez knew that he had to build towards a full back office system that could scale into the future as JCM would continue to grow. 

“As our company grew, we knew we would need more out of our billing platform. That’s when we decided to reach out to Rev.io and asked them how they could help us.”

The Solution:

JCM became aware of Rev.io through its connection to a major Bill-on-Behalf partner and gained familiarity with the basics of our system in 2020. After about a year of using this shared instance. JCM was ready to speak to Rev.io about becoming direct users. Once Hernandez saw the full functionality of the software and the potential to add on new features over time, he knew it was the right move for JCM to become a direct client.

In addition to utilizing Rev.io’s full billing functionality, JCM has added our DocuSign integration to drive velocity of their quote-to-cash cycle, as well as our Rev.io Payments platform to combine billing with merchant processing in a single program.

Said Hernandez, “Rev.io is an amazing billing platform, but it is so much more than that. We have been able to grow a tremendous amount with Rev.io because of the many different products they offer. The great part about Rev.io is that we didn’t have to go shopping elsewhere, and are able to do everything on Rev.io.” 

The Results:

It’s still early in the story of JCM Telecom, but the company is writing it fast. Their revenues have nearly doubled in the year since activating on Rev.io, and they have been able to achieve this growth while cutting time for accounting tasks in half. This has allowed them to invest in growing other parts of their business, like sales and marketing. 

“Rev.io has really been a huge part in our success,” said Hernandez, “because we have to bill our customers for a ton of different services that we provide to them. Because of Rev.io being so flexible, we have been able to grow a huge amount with Rev.io. I truly believe it is one of the best billing platforms in the market today!"


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