Published 25 Apr 2023

Client Overview:

Founded in 2015, PrimeVOX Communications is a national telecommunication services provider that focuses on delivering U.S. businesses with the world’s most reliable cloud based phone solution.

PrimeVOX goes well beyond offering basic phone service by including:

  • A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system powered by their patented A.I. technology
  • Cloud-based PBX software with full end-to-end encryption
  • “AnswerCARE,” a live after-hours, answering service solution
  • HIPAA-compliant product offerings for the healthcare and insurance industries
  • Over 50 Always Free System Features

In August 2021, New World Report Magazine named PrimeVOX’s core product as the “Most Reliable Business Phone Service in the World .”  Since awarded, their growth has continued at a record pace, placing them alongside some of the biggest names in the industry.

Says PrimeVOX Founder Luke Escudé, “We never set out to become a large organization focused on exponential growth.  I actually feel that is the downfall of most phone service providers today.  Too much attention is placed on growth, service becomes nonexistent, and customers suffer as a result.  Each day our entire team focuses on our customers with a servitude mindset, and it is this continuous focus that has our customers sharing the story about how PrimeVOX has come to deliver world class customer service, in an industry that no longer understands the true definition of it!”

The Challenge:

Over PrimeVOX’s first four years in business, they relied on an in-house billing platform. This became a major challenge for the company as they began to layer nationwide expansion and incur additional tax complexity. PrimeVOX’s leadership knew that they needed a high quality external solution for their back office, and began to research telecom billing software providers in 2019.

PrimeVOX evaluated three companies, and initially selected a competitor in October 2021. However, challenges immediately began during this competitor’s onboarding process.

For instance, this competitor’s onboarding and support teams are based offshore and communication during business hours was very challenging. They also were lacking in certain ticketing functions that are integral to PrimeVOX’s business configurations related to billing. Because PrimeVOX runs with a relatively lean team and is so focused on revenue generating activities, they knew they needed a stronger partner in the critical onboarding phase.

PrimeVOX’s Operations Manager Alexander Rodgers said about this challenge, “We needed a reliable and capable billing partner that simplified our backend processes so that quote creation, invoicing, and customer management would not be a bottleneck.”  

The Solution:

PrimeVOX and stayed in touch over the next few months, and ended up agreeing on terms after a few further months of evaluation. PrimeVOX was impressed with’s depth and formal process of Onboarding, which was completed in just 97 days.

Immediately upon their first billing with, the PrimeVOX team saw the robustness of the platform which despite being very configurable did not need massive customizations that delayed its deployment.

In addition to working within’s full quote-to-cash solution, they have also utilized our Agent Portal and Payments to enable a full financial and back office solution that has supported their impressive growth.

“ brought all of our reporting and different billing processes all into one program,” said Rodgers. “We no longer needed to manually calculate commissions to Affinity Partners or rely on a different program for quoting.”

The Results:

From their time of activation on’s platform in June 2022, PrimeVOX grew their monthly revenues by over 22% by February 2023. They achieved this milestone despite keeping headcount flat, and also realizing major time savings compared to their time with an in-house system. In all, their team has saved 8+ hours per week through’s automation

Rodgers summed up PrimeVOX’s improved experience with by saying, “No more entering tax rates by hand or having to copy data between programs. Customers have much more self service such as’s customer portal so it’s easier to get paid.”


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