Reflecting on Modernize 2021: A Letter to the Team from CEO Brent Maropis

Published 03 Feb 2022


Thank you all for your commitment and dedication to in 2021. This past year set us on a path to ensure we have scale, flexibility, and performance to dominate the communications billing market.

Modernize was a bold theme that required us to address key areas of the company and platform. New leaders charted the course for a fresh direction with our technology, and I am grateful for the synergy and ideas shared between our newest talent and tenured team. 

Additionally, we completed our first acquisition, which was a huge milestone. I want to thank the team that joined from Precision Telecom Technologies. It’s incredible how well our teams fit together as our new colleagues formed North. 

Modernize has become a multi-year focus beyond 2021, when the foundation was laid, and will continue to positively impact every area of the company. 

Team Achievements & Technology Investments 

Looking back on last year, we have a lot to take pride in as a team.   

In 2021, we had more internal promotions than any previous year in the company’s history. Sales revamped their model and aggressively accelerated upsells. Account Management matured, and in partnership with our amazing Client Success team, we had our best retention year in the company’s history. Onboarding modernized its tools and approach to the client onboarding process, which resulted in the most consistent year of onboarding performance we’ve ever had. We accomplished all these results while transitioning our Payments platform and launching Data Analytics. 

Our previous 2020 investment in tech and product was the largest in the company’s history, followed by an even larger investment in 2021, which will continue in 2022. This multi-year investment illustrates our confidence in the future of, our team, and the tremendous market opportunity. We are more committed than ever to seeing our technology initiatives through in 2022. 

Significant Milestones Reached in 2022 

Looking forward, 2022 brings us more than a new theme. The new year marks significant milestones for

Out of all the highlights to call upon, the following achievements stand out as deserving special acknowledgment: 

Each member of our team, past and present, played a critical role in realizing these accomplishments. I am grateful for your hard work and look forward to reaching new heights together in the coming years. 

Our New Theme in 2022 

In 2022, a new theme of Commit will guide us to finish the major projects carried over from 2021. This commitment will ensure we achieve extraordinary results and thrill our clients with both our expanded platform and the service provided by our team. 

Additionally, we will continue expanding our addressable market by expanding our offerings to MSPs, including new integrations and features that allow them to create unique pricing models. We are also committed to internationalizing the platform in 2022, and to complete all client migrations to Microsoft Azure in the first half of the year. 

We will also continue to expand and revamp our leadership structure in 2022 to prepare for additional scale and strengthen our ACT TOP culture. This will pave the way for promotions into executive roles, future director positions, and leads. I’m thrilled that we have employees who have grown through our progression models, successfully developed into tremendous leaders, and have become executives at This is another rarity that distinguishes our company from most businesses similar to ours. 

Our new structure will ensure we can double down on leadership and employee development. This realignment will free up capacity to explore additional acquisitions, support growth, and provide additional value to our amazing clients. Most importantly, our new leadership structure will strengthen our ACT TOP values.

Thank you all again for your commitment and dedication to Let’s win in 2022! 


Brent Maropis 


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