Reflecting on Specialize 2019 – A Letter to the Team from CEO Brent Maropis

Published 14 Jan 2020


What a year!  

Thank you all for your commitment and dedication that resulted in’s best year.  A mark of a great team is the ability to achieve great results – meaning you are a part of the strongest team in our company’s history.  

2019 – The Year of Specialization 

Specialize was the most impactful theme we’ve had to date. I love how this theme led to transformative changes in our culture and influenced the way we all went about our work, including me. We still have more to do and will continue on this journey but overall, the impact was huge.  It strengthened our culture by helping establish clearly defined roles and responsibilities in many areas, guiding us to create new positions in 2019 and shaping our hiring process, individual growth opportunities, and team advancement plans for 2020.

Our clients feel the benefits of this Specialize theme when they interact with each of you because of how devoted you are to exceptional service and personal growth.  Your commitment to learning, changing, leading, & training – as well as your dedication to structured specialization – enable us to deliver extraordinary service consistently.  

It’s an exciting time to be a part of our team at Progression models are currently in development and our specialized work atmosphere is now tailored to generate advancement opportunities based purely on performance. Team-oriented business models like these are rare and a genuine testament to the ACT TOP culture we work and live by. Our Senior Leadership Team is 100 percent committed to helping every team member reach their potential with these progression models, as we firmly believe this approach will make us collectively successful. I’m proud that we are creating an environment where each of us feels empowered to grow and become our best.  

Team Highlights

This year’s Specialize theme produced some exciting highlights across the company. We doubled our leadership team and increased our staff by over 30% As a team, we did a great job fulfilling the majority of initiatives on our one-page plan for the year. Furthermore, we broke numerous company records in 2019. 

Before outlining more of the team’s impressive 2019 accomplishments, I want to extend special thanks and praise to Onboarding.  The Onboarding team came a long way in 2019 and I want to congratulate you all for a great year. Together, you onboarded almost 3x the revenue from the previous year and launched our largest client ever in less than 12 months!  Most importantly, we now better understand the capacity, process, training needs, and leadership required to support this team effectively. All said, there’s a lot of potential to unlock in 2020 for Onboarding. Knowing the state of this team in the past, I am humbled by your attitudes and commitment in 2019.  Congrats Onboarding!  

Our Specialization theme also resonated with the Engineering team, as we grew the team’s size and specialized them across Architecture, Roadmap, and Tier 3 support teams. Tier 3 solved a total of 1,082 tickets, all while keeping their median first response time under two hours and median resolution time under eight days. Through Engineering’s Roadmap projects, we successfully commercialized Payments. Other team accomplishments in enhancing our product include the release of Smart Pricing and achieving increased functionality for both our Rest API and Webhooks integration. Amazing job Engineering! 

Continuing with our theme of Specialization, more notable 2019 highlights include: 

  • Growing our active client roster to nearly 160 companies
  • Onboarding the most clients in single year of company’s history 
  • Welcoming a record number of Client Summit attendees 
  • Surpassing our goal of 105% client revenue retention 
  • Achieving a 97 percent rate of Client Success tickets within our 24-hour SLA requirement 
  • Achieving a 4.94 out of 5 Stella average monthly rating 

Looking Forward is built on our ACT TOP culture.  After 2019 saw significant progress with specialization across the company, our culture is stronger than ever and getting stronger by the day.  That said, Specialize is never done. There are still areas of the company that have challenges we must overcome with this theme, along with initiatives that we must finish. In 2020, we will continue our trend of investing in the team to support new goals and initiatives and make Specialize Scalable.  

As we look ahead to 2020, Specialize puts us in a position to scale faster.  That means a new theme, new goals, and new challenges to overcome as we kick off what I expect is our biggest year of growth in the company’s history.  With our 2020 theme of Scalable now in place, we will invest in new teams and structure to continue pushing further upmarket, reduce onboarding durations for strategic and enterprise clients, improve retention, professionalize our product development, and accelerate roadmap velocity.  Ultimately, we are now positioned to help clients grow revenue efficiently better than ever.  

Emerging as the industry leader, we are ready to become a more scalable company and seize new opportunities in 2020. Our consultative approach to service will follow prospects through their respective client lifecycle. Clients want us to lead and consult them. Inspired by this premise, we will learn how to identify a controllable churn earlier and act on it.  Additionally, we will structure and model product roll-outs in 2020, making significant strides towards internationalization. 

I’m passionate about career development and love seeing the countless promotions earned in 2019. I want to see even more in 2020 as we build upon our progression models and create more transparency for advancement opportunities across the entire company. 

Thank you again for such a great year.  I look forward to a fantastic journey together in 2020.  I wish you and your families a Happy New Year.



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