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Published 17 Apr 2020

The United States coronavirus outbreak poses unprecedented challenges for businesses and communities across the country to overcome. At, we feel fortunate to work in an industry that plays a definitive role in supporting the companies that keep us all connected during this crisis. That connectivity is needed more than ever before, as we all face more weeks ahead of quarantine and physical distancing. 

Our team is leaning on’s ACT TOP values to guide how we operate in a fully remote capacity during this period of national lockdown, both as a company and as individuals. Specifically, our ACT TOP value of ‘Caring for Employees, Clients and Community’ informs our collective approach to these work from home (WFH) strategies, keeping us united through this difficult period and steadfast in our commitment to teammates, partners and clients.

Below, we outline some of the strategic measures is taking to continue executing our mission of helping our clients grow revenue efficiently. Most importantly, these measures account for our employees’ health and happiness, ensuring the right resources are in place to support every team member through this unprecedented time in our nation’s history.

A Revised Virtual Schedule 

Daily WFH Standups’s day starts with daily work from home standup meetings, where each department meets separately to review progress to key goals for the week and provide project updates. 

All-Employee Meetings

Our full organization starts every Monday with a company-wide meeting, with each Senior Leadership Team member reviewing their department’s main objectives for the week. Our CEO Brent Maropis wraps up the call with a tone-setting message before we individually get after the work-week. 

On Friday afternoon, the entire company reconvenes to review department progress and to acknowledge individual team highlights from throughout the week. Sometimes we are happy to be joined by our kids, pets, and beverages of choice! We believe that reflecting on small wins from the week, however minor, fuels motivation and builds momentum across the entire company. 

“WFH Good Vibes” Channel

This Slack channel, formed the first day that our team transitioned to fully remote, is a fun place for team members to stay connected, celebrate wins, share fun content, and blow off some virtual steam. Posts typically involve fun family updates, pictures of our furry friends, hilariously relatable WFH GIFs, examples of our ACT TOP values in action, and reminders of the selfless acts we see from our clients. 

Team Happy Hours

Hard work aside, we all need some time to unwind and catch up amidst the understandable stress of this pandemic. Each department schedules bi-weekly happy hours through Zoom, with some attendees even updating their virtual backgrounds with fun screenshots from favorite movies and vacation destinations during the calls! 

Thinking of our Clients, Partners, and Communities

While our transition to a WFH capacity has run smoothly and resulted in sustained excellence across the entire team, we continue to think of our partners, clients, and communities during this challenging time for our country. will continue to live our ACT TOP values, both personally and professionally, to play our part in getting through this trying period. Our thoughts remain with those affected by the coronavirus outbreak.  

Ultimately,’s mission to help our clients grow revenue efficiently remains firmly intact. We will continue surging forward, whether we are in our homes or back together in our Atlanta office! 


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