Inspiration in a Time of Adversity – Defining our Purpose

Published 04 May 2020

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has upended all of our lives. As of this writing, over one million citizens have been stricken with the disease in the United States alone. Millions of workers have been displaced from their jobs. Businesses of all sizes have been disrupted. Schools are shut, bars and restaurants are empty, and travel is virtually nonexistent. When all is said and done, both the social and economic environments we are accustomed to may be forever changed.

But through this stress and chaos, a new industry champion has emerged. Thousands of advanced communications companies are operating at full strength, offering communications, mobility, voice, data, and other services that keep businesses, schools, families, and friends connected from distance. 

At, we currently serve over 150 such companies. Our team is struck not just by their business skill, but also by their incredible generosity in this time of need. Seeing their hard work to keep everyone connected has inspired, motivated, and humbled us to continue serving them as effectively as we can with our market-leading billing and back-office software platform.

In the past few weeks, we collectively took time to reflect on our purpose as a company. For years, we have looked to our Mission, Vision and ACT TOP Values as the guiding principles for how we serve our clients. Our devotion to these foundations will not change. That said, we wanted to better define the “why” behind our work. To do so, we have created a statement that clearly defines who we are and what we stand for as

Thus, we are excited to share with you our new “ Purpose.” 

The Purpose

At, we are proud to be the most innovative, passionate, dedicated and experienced team in our space. From our early days in business, we have focused on our culture, our processes, and the “why behind” the work that we do and the clients we serve. 

The components of the Purpose are:

Our Mission:

To help clients grow revenue efficiently.

Our Vision:

To be the best billing & back-office software company in the world by providing innovative solutions and extraordinary service to our clients & end users.

Our Values:

Achieving Extraordinary Results: Doing more than expected and pursuing a higher standard of work without compromising your job responsibilities. 

Caring for Employees, Clients, and the Community: Demonstrating empathy and concern by helping those who are most in need.

Take Responsibility and Act Like an Owner: Being accountable and doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

Transparent Leadership: Communicating openly, regardless of title or situation.

Opportunity to Make a Positive Difference: Recognizing situations and taking action to produce a better outcome.

Passion for Innovation: Enthusiastically finding new solutions to improve efficiency.  

Our Who:

We serve Communications and Technology service providers, with sophisticated usage and recurring billing models, serving a wide variety of customers and industries.

Our When:

We serve Clients when their business calls for a sophisticated, automated billing system to grow revenue efficiently and strengthen their operations.

Our How:

We make business decisions based on data, follow disciplined processes, develop our employees and create opportunities for them to succeed, and follow our ACT TOP values without compromise.    

Our Why:

Growing our Clients’ revenue and strengthening their business operations helps them better support their own employees, create jobs in their local communities, and provide vital connections to businesses and individuals across the country and the world.

Through this purpose statement,  we make clear to our clients, partners, employees, and the wider community who we are and what we stand for.

If you are interested in learning more about our Purpose and its defining qualities, feel free to let us know.


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