Transparency: Making Successful Each & Every Day

Published 08 Mar 2016

Transparency can make or break a company in today’s market. We like to think of transparency as our secret weapon. We are fans of an open door policy and want you to know what we are working on next. Learn how has created a culture of organizational transparency.

In both our internal and external processes, we ingrain transparency into each and every step. Our employees, clients, prospects, and partners want to know and understand our business process, what we are planning for the future, what our culture is like essentially, why In order to stand out from the pack, we believe it’s our responsibility to provide clarity and transparency in everything we do – this is our fundamental commitment to you.

Our Clients Matter.

Our clients are an extension of our team because they provide invaluable insights that make the best possible. These insights help our team deliver quality results and provide consistent customer service that allows us to exceed our goals and achieve our company mission.

Without client feedback, we wouldn’t be able to make the necessary improvements to keep our products on the cutting edge. In 2015, we released 70 Ideas as a response to user requests to improve the platform. Prior to the release of each and every update, our clients are notified with a change alert. No surprises, complete transparency.

Our Sales and Marketing departments also embody our value of transparency (we know it’s a breath of fresh air). We’ll even share our sales training and processes with you so you can improve your own sales methods – you need only ask! When you start working with, we will walk you through the implementation phases before any execution of the agreement so you know up front how everything will work.

Have you been to the Summit? Every year we treat our clients to an event where they get an inside look at our people, processes, technology and initiatives. Once you are a client, you’ll also get an Executive Newsletter showcasing other notable clients, employees, and recent updates. Our Help Center is available for prospects and clients alike to access learning resources on demand.

We use too. When you eat the cookies you bake, you get to see what’s flawed and what’s amazing first hand. Utilizing both internal and external perspectives, we continually gain insight into how our telecom billing platform works and what needs to be improved in order to make it even better.

Great Employees Make a Great Company.

Over 85% of employees are unhappy with the quality of workplace communication. In addition, 81% would rather join a company that values “open communication” than one that offers extra office perks like free meals and gym memberships. The today’s workforce, it’s becoming more and more common to have open communication policies where managers empower their employees.

Here at, we value a culture of transparency and community. Our team kicked off 2015 asking each employee to share ideas on how to better connect our values with what we do every day. We created an online Trello board that housed these ideas and moved them around as task were accomplished.

2015 also saw the introduction of our program “Ask Me Anything (AMA).” All questions are answered by our Chief Technology Officer and the Roadmap Team, enabling the entire company to explore new ideas, tackle challenges and provide insights into developing new solutions.

Even our training process involves transparency. All new employees start with Academy, which is a two-day interactive training session incorporating instruction and hands-on learning experiences. Each week, we host continuing education sessions to provide in-depth product knowledge. Monthly, our team can attend training webinars to learn more about all the modules and features in Whenever an employee has questions or needs to dive deeper into our usage based billing platform, they can turn to our continually expanding video library to explore features and best practices (it’s available to the public too!). We even have a boot camp to train employees through hyper-focused sessions on deep-dive configurations and implementations with’s clients. When in doubt, our team can turn to real-life Use Cases of how to best utilize in different scenarios.

Our team has been recognized on a regional and national level for our culture and quality work environment. We are extremely proud of our focus on creating a culture of organizational transparency and believe that this open and trusting work environment is reflected in our open and trusting relationships with our clients.

Ready to See the Inside World of

If you’re looking for a new back office solution, we would love to talk with you. Also, if you’re interested in working with us, please visit our careers page and learn more about the culture!


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