The Year for Connecting

Published 18 Mar 2016

We’re all busy and have our own personal tasks and goals to accomplish. The new year brings us a fresh start and time to step back and re-evaluate where we are going and what we want to accomplish as a team. Most importantly for, we revisit the “why” behind our efforts. For our team, the core idea that we find ourselves revisiting time and time again is the concept of connecting.

We work in the busy world of connected devices every day and want a connected team to drive our business. What might this look like? Departments working together and collaborating more frequently. Clients feeling free to bring any concern to us and confident in our ability to fix it. At an industry level, attending more events and learning more about how we can make integrations and processes easier for our clients.

This year we make a commitment to connection.

At, we have seen the data and realize it’s imperative to set and achieve specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely goals. Unfortunately, over 80 percent of small business owners haven’t kept up with or set business goals … and this can really hurt their business. Have you created goals for 2016? In the U.S., only 50 percent of employees (management included) strongly agree that they understand what is expected of them in the workplace. Do your employees know the goals of your business? If not, it’s time to call a meeting. When employees know what the company is working toward, you will be more likely to successfully achieve these goals. In fact, if you review your goals and objectives at least once per quarter, you’re 45% more likely to have above-average financial performance. In short, if you want to make more money, setting goals is non-negotiable. In the spirit of transparency, here is a summary of’s company goals for 2016:


We want to grow our team, move offices, increase our knowledge base, connect with more partners to improve our bandwidth and be a better service provider overall for our clients. When a telecom billing platform company grows like we plan to, they need to have a well-educated team, resources and partners to support their expansion. 


Everyone wants to improve their processes to be more effective and efficient. 2016 is the year we focus on automating more of our processes, such as prospecting and content marketing. We will work to expand our testing to make even more improvements, as well as define how we can help each client reach success through our client success playbook.

Extraordinary Service

Successful companies start with customer service that goes above and beyond client expectations. We aim to improve our Client Success Scorecard ratings, customer satisfaction surveys and perform executive business reviews. 2016 brings a new look and feel for as we refresh our brand and website.


When you stop innovating, you stop growing. This year we want to drive innovation in our industry and continue to expand our development standards, automate our testing and implement a single sign-on process. We are also opening a data center on the west coast and will be constructing a diagram of our entire database.


We want you to be able to get started with faster than ever. That’s why we are launching a new website with the goal of reducing implementation time for midsize, strategic, enterprise and commercial accounts by at least 10-20 days. We will be defining quality metrics for installs this year, as well as enhancing our Client Success Scorecard.

Here’s the Nitty-gritty on Our Goals at


  • Implement a Resale Partner Program
  • Relocate to New Office
  • Increase Sales Staff by 3x
  • Implement Learning Management System
  • Create Technical Certification Program
  • Expand our Partners for Development Work
  • Broaden our Prospect Universe


  • Modularize Development for Multi-Release Process
  • Define “On-Hold” Process for Pre-activated Accounts
  • Implement Prospecting Automation for Sales
  • Implement Content Marketing Automation
  • Update Peer Review Process and Timeline
  • Expand Quality Assurance and User Acceptance Testing Processes
  • Create a Client Success Manager Playbook

Extraordinary Service

  • Introduce Crowdfunded Pro Services
  • Refresh Company Brand
  • Implement Post-Activation Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Achieve Top Ratings on Success Scorecard
  • Conduct Executive Business Reviews with Clients


  • Expand on Development Standards
  • Implement Automated Testing
  • Construct a Database Diagram
  • Open a West Coast Data Center
  • Implement Single Sign-on


  • Increase Module Adoption
  • Launch a Redesigned Website
  • Promote and Enhance Scorecard
  • Reduce Implementation Time for Midsize, Strategic and Enterprise Accounts by 20 Days
  • Develop Commercial Account Automation
  • Reduce Implementation Time for Commercial Accounts by 10 Days
  • Further Define Quality Metrics for Installs

We welcome the new goals, innovation and exciting challenges we know 2016 has in store for us. If you’d like to join us in the adventure, learn more about the culture today! If you’re inspired by our outlook for the year and would like to update your service provider, please let us know. We’re here to help.


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