ACT TOP in Action – Clients Share their Stories

Published 02 Apr 2020

At, we believe that difficult times bring out the best in people.

In a time of national quarantine and widespread isolation, the advanced communications industry has stepped up in a major way with solutions that keep businesses connected, students learning, families engaged, and all of us feeling a little less alone.

But beyond the connectivity support, distance-learning resources, and remote conferencing solutions, companies in this space are finding other creative ways to inspire hope and ease community burdens caused by this unprecedented pandemic.

One of’s ACT TOP values – ‘Caring for Employees, Clients and Community’ – continues to reveal itself in the stories that our clients share.

Examples of our clients’ recent actions include:

  • Offering advanced cloud communications products with no recurring monthly charges for extended periods
  • Extending grace periods on late fees and delaying past-due collection notices
  • Providing discounts on billing for affected businesses
  • Enabling distance-learning programs for local community schools
  • Delivering free video conferencing solutions
  • Donating to local food banks and community organizations

Over the past few weeks, we have shared several inspirational client ACT TOP stories across’s social media accounts.

There is the story of Xchange Telecom helping schools in New York and New Jersey enable their distance-learning programs. There is the story of EM3 Networks donating to a food bank that delivers groceries to local families in need. There is the story of Peace Communications, now offering its UC-One product with no monthly recurring charge until June 1st. There is the story of EnableIP suspending its billing of multiple restaurants within the community.

From supporting local businesses to accommodating customers and uplifting local community members in need, our clients continue to seize their ‘Opportunity to Make a Positive Difference’. These tremendous efforts are worthy of ACT TOP recognition.

We will continue to share stories of our clients’ ACT TOP deeds and examples of ‘Caring for Employees, Clients and Community’ throughout April. Our thoughts remain with those affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

For more client ACT TOP stories and ACT TOP content, follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Feel free to contact us with questions and to learn more about our ACT TOP culture.


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