Five Strategies to Stop Leaving Revenue on the Table

Published 13 Nov 2020

Do you have a plan in place to address and correct revenue leakage? 

Without an effective recurring revenue model, your business risks leaving millions in potential profit on the table. 

Consider the following five tips to eliminate revenue leakage, build a stronger recurring revenue model, maximize revenue, and scale your growing business effectively.


Many of today’s customers now prefer pay-as-you-go pricing models over standard subscription billing plans. For your business, the ability to track different usage through metered billing with the right solution will help ensure greater accuracy in processing customer payments. 

To ensure proper rating, choose a billing system with the advanced configurability needed to support varying customer usage requirements. Software with this capability will help you avoid payment errors, prevent revenue leakage, and maximize revenue opportunities. 


Discounts provide a useful incentive that can often motivate customers to purchase products and services. Effective use of discounts can help jumpstart sales and generate more revenue in the short term. 

But discount offerings can have a long-term downside if you aren’t careful. Revenue leakage may increase if your technology fails to detect and sunset upcoming discount expirations.

Choose a modern solution with the automated capability to deploy discount expirations across accounts, mitigating this risk and preserving your business’s overall profit margins. 


Successful businesses often set up tiered pricing. By defining your pricing options in this manner, you can accommodate varying customer preferences and broaden the appeal of your entire portfolio of products and services. 

But configuring pricing tiers can prove a daunting process with many complexities to account for. If you choose to implement new pricing tiers, lean on data to guide your key pricing decisions. A data-focused approach in this area will ensure greater accuracy for implementation, reducing errors that could create new revenue leakage concerns. 


It’s important to take the necessary time and identify any potential improvements that you can make to your products. Over time, unaddressed issues with product quality can potentially lead to increased revenue leakage and a loss of profit. 

Package optimization using tactics such as A/B testing can help you further refine your product offerings to reduce risk in this area and keep revenue retention and generation on the right track.


How reliable is your current billing platform? 

With lackluster uptime and frequent server failures comes poor customer service reviews, a hit to your company’s reputation, and ultimately missed revenue. To avoid these problems, invest in a modern billing solution that is highly regarded across the industry for its reliability. Greater billing consistency and more dependable billing management will help your business keep its recurring revenue model firmly intact. 



For more insight into how your business can build an effective recurring revenue model that prevents revenue leakage and maximizes profit opportunities, contact us today! Our team looks forward to previewing our sophisticated billing platform and outlining how’s software helps telecommunications, MSP, and IoT businesses achieve ambitious revenue goals. 


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