From Ideas to Reality – Five Key Summer 2020 Feature Releases

Published 26 Oct 2020

Each month, the team releases new features based on suggestions shared by our clients. 

Client feedback, gathered through our Ideas forum, helps us identify areas where we can improve the platform. By regularly updating our software to reflect the evolving needs of our clients, we create an even better client billing experience that can ultimately lead to even more efficient revenue growth. 

This summer, we released over 40 new features within the platform. Below, we outline the five most valuable updates and what they mean for clients operating instances of 

Latest Features & Functionalities 


What is the new feature?

Inventory Added to REST API

What does it do? users can now access Inventory Item operations for our REST API. 

Why is it important?

This new functionality empowers users to create inventory integrations using our REST API, expanding the overall scope of integrations that users can build within  


What is the new feature?

Reapply Payments

What does it do? users can now reapply payments to specific bills if not first applied correctly. 

Why is it important?

This new functionality saves users time and increases flexibility when moving payments. Without the need to reverse and reprocess payments through a merchant account for corrections, our clients benefit from cleaner bills and reports. 


What is the new feature?

Manual Post Mode on BillCenter Payments

What does it do?

Customer portal users can direct payments to specific bills. 

Why is it important?

This new functionality allows users to choose the specific bill they would like to pay. Payments will no longer apply to the oldest bill on record when users would like to address a specific bill first, allowing users to more flexibility manage their payables.  


What is the new feature?

Request Task History 

What does it do? users can now see a task’s status and the completed tasks related to a request on the request’s summary page. 

Why is it important?

This new functionality creates greater visibility into the request process. By organizing open tasks and previously completed tasks in one place, users will save time and navigate our platform more efficiently. 


What is the new feature?

Child Account Timezone CDR Downloads

What does it do? users can now access an available setting that changes child CDR downloads to follow a child’s timezone. 

Why is it important?

This new functionality helps users who manage multi-location accounts save time and operate the system more efficiently. The feature further clarifies timing for calls by individual location, eliminating the need to make timezone changes when comparing’s CDs to the user’s own files.

Connect with Our Team

Interested in learning more about these releases and other recent enhancements? Contact us today to discuss our latest platform updates in greater detail! 

If you want to leave a new suggestion for future software updates, feel free to submit your idea through our Ideas forum


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