How Does Platform Enablement Help IT Solutions?

Published 10 Mar 2016

First, What’s Platform Enablement?

Think of platform enablement as a bridge between clients and The goal for great platform enablement strategy is to align client needs with the platform’s solutions. Then we are equipped with the knowledge to shape where the product is headed and more effectively train clients and employees. Using an application enablement platform also helps our internal teams work better together.

Team-Wide Platform Enablement

As you can see from this diagram, all teams at have a role to play in platform enablement and helping our clients succeed. Let’s start with how approaches platform enablement as a whole and then focus on each department specifically.

Company Wide

We use extensive product and new hire training sessions to equip team members with a vast knowledge of the platform and all available integrated IT solutions. All new employees must be enrolled in the Academy, which is a two-day interactive training session incorporating instructional and hands-on learning opportunities. We even offer an ever-expanding public video library to explore our features and best practices. Each week, we provide internal sessions for in-depth product knowledge. Monthly, we host training webinars for all clients and team members to learn more about modules and features of Finally, use cases and help center articles are readily available to provide our team with real-life examples of how to use in different scenarios. Bottom line? When you chat with, you are chatting with experts.


Real-life use cases give us the background we need to know where customers might run into problems or get confused when navigating our platform. Our client needs document lets us keep track of what improvements our users would like to see. Without these insights, our team wouldn’t be able to exceed your expectations and make the improvements you want and need.

Client Success

Our client success team uses solutions analysis to see where we can provide additional value to customers by showing them how to maximize their use of all the different features and functionality has to offer.


Onboarding and boot camp sessions are developed by our operations team. Boot camps are hyper-focused sessions that deep-dive into the configuration and setup process for each client at When our team has a comprehensive understanding of every facet of, we can make our engine run better and in turn, deliver integrated IT solutions to you.


We’ve all been through a sales demo before. At, we understand that effective sales professionals know their product inside out before they ever demo for a client. For that reason, we make sure each member of our sales team is an platform expert and can validate that the platform is running properly.


The marketing team provides industry research and insights that help make sure our platform surpasses the competition and that we are continually exceeding our customers’ expectations for back-office solutions.

Why Does It Matter To Our Clients?

IT solutions can be extremely difficult to navigate. When we equip our team with the right tools and techniques for aligning client needs with platform solutions it yields powerful results. We can create the best product possible when we better understand:

  • What you are looking for in a product
  • Why you left your last IT solutions company
  • What your frustrations are
  • What features need to be fixed
  • What would help you improve your business processes

You get the picture. Now you can see why we need your feedback! Ready to talk with a member of to see how our telecom billing platform can make your IT solutions experience better? Contact today. We’re ready to help.


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