Affiliated Technology Solutions Realizes a 5:1 ROI from

Published 12 Apr 2023

Client Overview:

For over 30 years, Edison, New Jersey-based Affiliated Technology Solutions (ATS) has built a reputation as a premier provider of communications solutions, managed services, security services, and consulting for small and medium sized businesses as well as not-for-profit organizations. The company has thrived through many different business cycles and has consistently provided exceptional service to its customers. ATS’s mission is to develop partnerships with its clients to provide effective and reliable information technology solutions for operational efficiency, productivity gains, and cost savings. ATS’s success is driven by both powerful system capabilities and a focus on companies with unique technology and service needs. Among their most important system capabilities are:

  • A powerful UCaaS and CCaaS offerings with integrations to Industry specific CRMs
  • Auto-Dialer to help clients with collections, renewals, service notifications, and outbound sales.
  • After Call/Auto Text (ACAT) to help clients survey their customers and collect data for Net Promoter Scores.
  • Cellular Extend for connection of office phones to personal employee smartphones.
  • Integrated texting and video conferencing, including specialized integration of Microsoft Teams.
  • Network Solutions, including security, cloud backup, disaster recovery, co-location, unified communications, and other features.

In addition to their core “ATS” brand, the company has also launched distinct brands for particular SMB segments, including:

  • Voice for Pest: Phone and other integrated solutions for pest control companies.
  • Voice For Turf: The only phone system designed specifically for the lawn care industry.
  • Voice for Pros: Specializing in communications for home services providers.

ATS’s President Tom Welsh attributes their success to a combination of a dedicated team and staying ahead of the technology curve. “Aside from my team’s total commitment to our customers’ success, our ‘secret sauce’ has been to bring additional capabilities to our platform before our customers realize they need them. With this approach, we continue to separate ourselves from the commoditized cloud phone system business."

The Challenge:

ATS’s reputation for technical expertise and outstanding service has enabled them to grow their business opportunities in their focus segments in the past several years. Unfortunately, their past use of ConnectWise and QuickBooks to generate client bills was causing major inefficiencies for their team.

ATS’s President Tom Welsh was able to quantify the negative impact of this old process each month. It took his team 2-3 full time employees over three full days each month to prepare their data for export to a third-party tax database, manually enter those tax rates onto over 1,000 customer invoices, calculate usage charge to add to invoices, and manually run customer payments.

“Simply put, our business success was on a collision course with our current processes and a change had to be made,” said Welsh. “The seemingly daunting task of maintaining existing processes while simultaneously investigating and implementing a new solution for ATS was upon us.”

By the fall of 2021, it was clear to the ATS team that they needed to find a new, automated solution to drive a full digital transformation of their billing and back office.

The Solution:

Welsh met the team at multiple industry conferences starting in 2021 and initiated a full evaluation of our platform late that year. The ATS team was impressed with’s full quote-to-cash solution, as well as our integrations with both the CSI tax database and QuickBooks online. Through these integrations, ATS could continue to utilize existing systems for their main purposes while improving the velocity and accuracy of usage rating and generation of customer invoices.

Said Welsh, “my entire Management Team did their homework, from accounting to operations, and in investigating the technical aspects of integrating ( into our current infrastructure. The recommendations from industry connections led us in this direction, but our due diligence working with the team ultimately made the decision easy.”

The Results:

ATS officially activated on our platform in August 2022, and began to see very impressive results and immediate returns on investment from their transition to the platform. In the first full three months that ATS billed their customers from the platform, their monthly revenue grew over 6% from the previous three months. Additionally, the company was able to quantify cost savings of almost $7,000 per month purely from automating manual tasks and saving staff time.

By adding up the increased revenue and cost savings associated with their use of, ATS estimates that their overall ROI from the transition to was more than 5:1. Welsh expressed his appreciation with as follows:

“Since our move to, it is scary how much more revenue we are accounting for compared to our previous system. We have been able to minimize the manual processes necessary to get invoices out, which has lowered our labor costs.  Any initial concerns I had with the cost of implementing have been quickly extinguished by the tremendous value it has brought to ATS.”


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